The Tenjin way of life began when a young girl named Ten’ja discovered she had superpowers. Not wanting others to live life in fear, Ten’ja traveled the lands looking for people like herself that were confused and no longer welcomed by their families. 1,200 years later, her philosophies and teachings continue to guide a small group of outcast superheroes that call themselves Tenjin.


After helping Earth’s mightiest fighters defeat a major worldwide threat, Christy Anders’ team of Tenjin members have taken the night off. Not only are they celebrating the victory but also the news of Christy’s nomination to take the Unifailia, the Tenjin Rite of Passage. Christy has been leading and mentoring Tenjin for almost a decade but the Unifailia will test her faith and abilities like nothing she has ever faced before.


As the Tenjin celebrate, a new threat begins to emerge from within their membership. Nikati’s faith has been shattered by the discovery that the official Tenjin teachings are incomplete. It is now His calling to dismantle the Tenjin faith, starting with their most powerful member: Christy Anders!

Shinju Prologue Cover


Christy Anders
Staci Brigitte
Matt Kindle
Joseph Raider
Aaron Santini


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